About Us


1. Projects and studies on law in Action

2. Projects in development cooperation

3. Individualized services

4. Publications, Seminars & Conferences

   Projects and studies on law in Action

  • Studies on current legal practices in different jurisdictions
  • Studies on access to justice
  • Studies on legal preconditions of political initiatives
  • Evaluation of projects, studies and activities as well as their practical implications
  • Empirical studies, including the preparation of questionnaires and data analysis

   Projects in development cooperation

  • Preparation and production of legal texts, such as drafts of statutes and regulations
  • Agency for consultants and technical advisers
  • Composition and management of expert teams on projects
  • Consultancy on project development and invitations to tender

   Individualized services

  • Legal research, library services, search and copies of statutes and legal texts of selected jurisdictions
  • Contact to and consultancy on selection of attorneys abroad
  • Background research for political initiatives and lobbying
  • Consultancy on projects and the preparation of tender offers

   Publications, Seminars and Conferences

  • Publications and seminars on cross-border legal interactions
  • Consultancy on, planning,organization and management of localized and web-based conferences, including supporting cultural programme